Benefits of rental cooling


Thanks to our weekly contracts you can very flexibly determine the term for how long you want to rent your cooling installation.

Delivery & installation

We have our own transport to deliver your device to you. After this, our own certified refrigeration technicians take care of the installation.


Delta-Temp takes care of the maintenance of your rental installation during the rental period. That way you don't have to worry about this and you can continue your business activities.

24/7 support

If a malfunction occurs, our technicians rush on site to resolve it.

Modular expandable

Our installations are modularly expandable, allowing them to grow with the growth of your company. Do you have a production increase in mind? Then you can always count on extra cooling capacity. 

No major investment

By renting your cooling installation, you avoid large investments. That way you have more budget for other projects. 

Well maintained device

We take care of the maintenance of our installations ourselves. In this way you are assured of an efficient, economical and environmentally friendly installation.

Clear costs

Thanks to our weekly contracts and associated clear tariffs, you always have a perfect view of the cost price.

Try & Buy

Do you want to test a device before proceeding with the purchase? That is certainly possible at Delta-Temp.