No sour milk, thanks to Delta-Temp

Heat wave, 36°C, puffing, sweating and blowing… In the last few weeks, we have just felt the temperatures rise. In the meantime, the telephone at Delta-Temp is red-hot: not so much from the heat, but from the large number of customers who appeal to us to cool or air-condition offices, warehouses, industrial halls, etc.

Extra cooling capacity

This is also the case for an East-Flemish dairy company that had recently expanded their storage space. As the existing cooling installation had insufficient power to cool this expansion along with the current heat wave, we were asked to help them out of the emergency. Delta-Temp would not be Delta-Temp if we could not resolve this.

Quick and efficient

Given the urgency in this case, our technicians left as quickly as possible to our customer to help him out of the emergency. Everything was installed in just a few hours and the installation was running at full speed. With only one low-temp unit, we succeeded in reducing the temperature in the room by no less than 10°C! Let the heat wave come ...