Storage space for fruit and vegetables

Recently we received a request from a wholesaler of fruit and vegetables near Bergen. Due to strong growth in his activities, he was forced to expand his storage space. He asked us to find a solution to keep his warehouse cool at a temperature of around 6°C all year round!

Our project leader went on site to calculate exactly how much cooling capacity was needed to cool the 4,000m³ hall. This space was used to store transit products, with a roll-up door that is open all the time to ensure smooth delivery.

A DT150 chiller was used in combination with an AHU175 air handling unit to get the job done. The AHU175 delivers an air flow rate of 20,000 m³/h, more than enough to cool the warehouse to 6 ° C.



In addition to the chiller and air handling unit, Delta-Temp naturally also provided all the necessary accessories such as a buffer tank, water hoses and power cables to complete the temporary cooling installation. Both the delivery and the installation were performed flawlessly by our cooling technicians.

The day after the installation, our project leader stopped by to be sure that the installation produced the desired result. So we have another satisfied customer who can now concentrate carefree on his core activities and the growth of his company!

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The Delta Temp Team