Emergency cooling for server room!

In need of emergency cooling? Count on Delta Temp!

Last week one of our product managers received an urgent call from a customer active in the automotive industry. From their distribution center in Ghent they send parts to locations all over Europe. The software and server room on which their system runs is therefore a crucial part of their activities.

But due to a problem with their cooling installation, the temperature in their server room was rising rapidly. As a result, they ran the risk that the servers would overheat and fail, which would cause enormous problems.

Fortunately, Delta-Temp was immediately able to propose a suitable solution and on the same day two of our cooling technicians left for the customer to help him out. With a DT25 chiller and three AHU20 air handling units, the temperature was quickly brought back under control. The continuity of their distribution center remained guaranteed and the customer was relieved.

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