Again a success story of Delta-Temp!

Our objective is to always offer our clients a flexible and professional solution. In this case study, we give a brief explanation of how we help a loyal customer during thorough adjustments to his stationary cooling installation.

Our customer in question is a major player in the meat processing industry. During thorough work on his cooling installation, he nevertheless wants to guarantee the continuity of the production process. Normally the work takes 8 days, but we take into account that this may end up longer due to unforeseen circumstances. Together with the customer, our experts look for the best solution to help him with this.

The result: a fully autonomous system consisting of three 400kW chillers, powered by a 500kA generator with an external diesel tank. Because of the food safety, our client uses Zitrec (a biodegradable refrigerant), which means that it must remain separate from our refrigerant by a heat exchanger). With a powerful pump, the Zitrec was brought over the roof to the evaporators through 4-inch hoses. Thanks to this set-up, we can maintain the optimum temperature of 1 to 2°C, both in the production hall and in the storage room. This way, the production itself could continue to run at full speed.

Are the works on the stationary cooling installation taking a little bit longer? Or does the customer want to insert a test phase afterwards? No problem: our flexible rental system gives him complete freedom and certainty.

You're welcome because of Delta-Temp!