Adiabatic cooling

What is adiabatic cooling?

Delta-Temp is the official distributor of the Portacool evaporator coolers. These coolers work according to the principle of adiabatic cooling. The principle is simpler than the name suggests: The fan draws in the warm air from the room and blows it through a damp path. This cools the air and the cold air is blown back into the room. This reduces the room temperature by 5°C to 10°C, depending on the circumstances.



In- or outdoor installation
Airflow: 23.786 m³ / h


Water reservoir: 114 L
Air delivery: 6,116 m³/h
​Cooling capacity: 84 m³



This type of cooling is ideal for spaces where traditional air conditioning is too expensive or cumbersome. Just think of large spaces such as factory halls, warehouses, workshops, sports halls, events and even discos. Because these adiabatic coolers are very mobile, they can be deployed just where it is needed.



  • Low costs: compared to a traditional cooling installation, the portacool is much cheaper.
  • Can be used quickly
  • The cooling comfort increases the productivity of your employees
  • Mobile: extremely suitable for on-the-spot cooling
  • Ecological: no CO2 emissions or use of other harmful gases.


The Portacool Jetstream series consists of six models, depending on the size of the room that you want to cool. Please contact us. Our specialists are happy to help you further.

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