Air Handling Units

Our air handling units are extremely suitable for air conditioning and temperature control in buildings, production halls, storage rooms, tents or during production processes.

In combination with our chillers, these air handlers can keep the temperature and humidity at a pleasant level while it is extremely hot or cold outside. The proportion of fresh air in the circulation can be controlled by blind covers in the input area.

The AHU20 is suitable for indoor installation. The AHU50 and higher are suitable for both indoor and outdoor installation. With the help of air hoses, the cold or warm air is blown into the room to reach the desired temperature.

Here too we can provide all possible accessories. Do you have any questions? Don't hesitate to contact us, our technicians are ready to advise and assist you.

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LT 25 DX

Cooling capacity: 17 kW - 30 kW
Room temperatures: -10 to +5°C

Low-Temp AHU50

Suited for low temperatures
Cooling capacity: 50 KW