Delta-Temp provides additional cooling in the meat processing industry.

In this project we illustrate how Delta-Temp could be of service to a meat processing company.

The current cooling installation at our customer was experiencing planned adaptation works, which meant that it could temporarily not be operational. After contacting Delta-Temp, our product specialists provided a tailor-made solution. The planned adaptation works could be bridged perfectly so that the core activities of the company did not have to be shut down. This ensured an optimal production climate.

The well-thought-out solution of our specialists consisted of three 400kW cold water machines that could work on their own thanks to a 500kVA generator with an accompanying external diesel tank. The client used an own coolant (Zitrec) which is biological degradable. However Delta-Temp uses another coolant. This was not a big problem, because the coolant of the client was being separated by a heat changer to prevent mixing the two. Zitrec was brought to the evaporators through 4 inch hosesvia a powerful pump

Thanks to the temporary and additional cooling installation of Delta-Temp, a temperature of 1 to 2 °C could be garanteed in both the production as storage area. In this way, the meat processing unit did not have to be interrupted and the company was able to continue its core activities.