Emergency cooling at blood processing company

We recently received a pressing question from a West Flemish company specializing in the processing of animal blood. They had a problem with their current cooling installation using ammonia cooling gas. Since the processing of blood is very sensitive to temperature fluctuations and therefore has a critical character, an urgent intervention was very needed.

Delta-Temp immediately came to the rescue of this company: one of our product specialists went on site to test the cooling options and to come up with a solution. We quickly proposed a temporary cooling installation as emergency cooling, being an aircooled chiller of 400 kW.

However, there was a point of attention during the installation, namely the contamination of the water to be cooled with ammonia. As a topper in problem-solving thinking, Delta-Temp has been able to quickly offer a solution by means of a specially tailored heat exchanger. In this way, the water to be cooled was neatly separated from the ammonia.

Due to our fast response, as well as our real specialists and technicians, this customer was able to order, have delivered and install the complete cooling system the same day. As a result, the activities at the company did not have to be halted and production growth could be continued quickly.

The customer was very satisfied with our willingness, quick response and professional knowledge and eventually hired the entire installation for 9 weeks. This again emphasizes the added value that Delta-Temp represents in mobile and temporary cooling solutions for your company.