Cooling solution for fruit and vegetable trade

We recently received an application from a wholesaler of fruit and vegetables in the environment of Bergen. He was looking for an extra cooling installation to expand his storage space due to the strong growth of the core activities. He ideally wanted to cool this space to a temperature of 6 °C all year round.

One of our product specialists immediately went on site to research the cooling options. The intention was to cool the storage space of 4000m³. This space for storage of transit goods, has a continuously opened roller gate to receive deliveries smoothly.

The wholesaler therefore hired a 150kW chiller in combination with an air handling unit AHU175. The AHU175 has an air flow of 20,000 m³/h, which is extremely sufficient to cool the storage space to 6 ° C.

In addition to both machines, Delta-Temp also provided all needed accessories such as a buffer tank, water hoses, power cables, etc. to complete the entire installation. The complete installation was delivered smoothly and placed operational by our technicians.

Barely a day after the installation, our product specialist visited the wholesaler to check whether everything is in order and to view the result. The entire project went smoothly from A to Z and Delta-Temp has yet another satisfied customer who, with our cooling solution, can focus carefree on its core activities and business growth.

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