Extra cooling capacity in the dairy industry

Sweating, puffing and blowing, some known phenomena in a heat wave. The last few days we have reached extremely high temperatures. As a result, our Delta-Temp phone is glowing with many customers who want to use our temporary mobile cooling solutions. One after the other asks our advice to provide their office, production area, warehouse, ... with a pleasant and workable temperature.

Recently a dairy company from East Flanders called on the Delta-Temp services. They were looking for an additional cooling installation to cool their extensive storage space as their current installation was insufficient to achieve an optimal temperature during the current heat wave. Their demand for emergency cooling was very urgent, as destruction of the already stored goods lurked behind the corner.

Our Delta-Temp product specialists and technicians immediately worked out a solution to help this customer out of trouble. In no time we came up with a solution, namely installing only one Low-Temp unit. This cooling installation is especially suitable to reach low temperatures and succeeded to lower the temperature of the storage space with at least 10 °C. This way, this dairy company could compete against the prevailing heat wave.