Cooling waste water in food company

Every summer we receive a lot of requests at Delta-Temp to cool industrial halls, production areas, offices, etc. In the summer of 2016 for example, we received a request from a food processing company. These had a problem with the cooling of filtered wastewater during the production process. The discharge of waste water into the sewage system at 176 000 L/ h must remain below a temperature of 30 °C. The food company experienced too high temperatures of the waste water to be discharged, namely 40 to 45 °C.

Since the wastewater could not be drained into the sewer system, production failures soon lurked around the corner and the processing costs of the wastewater rose enormously. Taking these facts into account, we immediately started analyzing the situation and came up with an efficient solution.

Delta-Temp came up with a well thought-out solution that consisted of a 2 energy-efficient air handling units AHU175 in combination with a chiller of 400kW that cool the waste water to 30 °C by using a heat exchanger.

The entire installation was delivered, installed and placed operational by our certified cooling technicians on the day itself. Due to our fast response time and problem-solving thinking, the production of this food company was able to continue uninterrupted.

This case is a fine example of Delta-Temp's high-quality expertise, coupled with our fast response time.