Delta-on-Ice: the ice rink builders

Gradually, 2018 is coming to an end and we are in the last straight line to the New Year's Eve celebrations. The Christmas lights are hung up in the streets, a large Christmas tree shows off on markets and squares and various Christmas markets are popping up here and there.

Many cities and municipalities also spoil their residents and visitors with a real ice rink. Rightly so! An ice rink is guaranteed fun for young and old and a boost for the local economy. But who is the driving force behind such an ice rink?

Delta-on-Ice: powered by Delta-Temp.

Delta-Temp is specialized in rental and sales of industrial cooling. During the warm summer months, we provide companies with extra cooling capacity with our chillers, rooftops and low-temp units. But during the winter, the demand for extra cooling decreases, so we use our chillers to build ice rinks. To prevent confusion, we operate under the name Delta-on-Ice.

Our portfolio includes the large ice rinks on the Groenplaats in Antwerp and Winterland in Hasselt. But we also build medium-sized and smaller ice rinks such as Oudenaarde, Liège, Serain, Beringen, Plopsaland, Reusel (NL) and Son en Breugel (NL).

Much more than just an ice rink

Along with building the ice rink, we also provide all necessary accessories so that everyone can have fun on the ice. We also provide ice skates and ice skate aids for the little ones, sweepers and ice scrapers to maintain the ice rink, melting containers to melt the excess ice, etc.

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