Mobile airconditioners

Keep the temperature under control, wherever you want.

This mobile split air-conditioning system with a capacity of 6.7 kW is ideal for the heavier work. More and more customers are asking us if they can purchase this system instead of renting it. That is why we have decided to offer this system for sale from now on.

This split air-conditioning system is particularly sought after for its simple installation and rapid deployment, without having to make any technical provisions. In "no time" you can reduce the temperature in the room to 10°C. Thanks to the wheels at the bottom of the robust frame, this device is extremely mobile and provides cooling wherever you want. With the 3 fan speeds you can control the airflow of the indoor unit from min. 1150m³/h to max. 1500m³/h.


Buy Mobile Split Airco AC6.7

Easy installation
Split unit
Cooling capacity: 6.7 kW
Purchase price (excl. VAT): 5665 €

Easy installation

The installation of this device is very simple:

  1. Place the indoor and outdoor unit (max. 20 m distance)
  2. Coupling hoses
  3. To turn on


The sleek design and low-noise operation of this mobile air-conditioning system make this form of air cooling ideal for use in offices, hospitals, laboratories, server rooms, printrooms, shops, catering establishments, schools, conference centers, events, public spaces, workshops, ... and in many other places where extra cooling is needed.


Do you have any questions or would you like more information about this split air conditioner? Do not hesitate to contact us on the number +32 9 362 74 87 or via email: