Breezer : powerful adiabatic cooler

The Breezer is the youngest descendant in our rental fleet. This powerful adiabatic cooler has an air flow rate of almost 24.000m³/h and only cools with pure fresh air, without chemicals. With the water tank of no less than 300 liters, this cooler can work autonomously for 5 days (at an average of 12 hours a day). You only have to plug in the plug and you’re done.

The ventilator oscillates at an angle of 70°, allowing a large surface to be cooled immediately. The device is extremely mobile with sturdy 10” wheels and a handle to move the device easily.

The device is easy to operate and gives you control over the oscillating ventilator, the humidity level and speed of the fan. After use, you can easily drain the Breezer through the drain and store it compactly by putting the fan in the water tank.

The Breezer is extremely suitable for outdoor use or in large spaces, for example at events, trade fairs, work halls, storage rooms, sports halls and even cattle stables!

Why are we so enthusiastic about this adiabatic cooler? Read below the 5 most important benefits of the Breezer:

  • Portable and robust: The Breezer is mobile and durable. It can easily be moved to where it is needed, both inside and out.
  • Easy to set up: The Breezer is quick and easy to use. Fill the water tank, plug in, and you're done!
  • Targeted airflow: The Breezer is equipped with a jet propulsion technology to deliver a powerful airflow where needed.
  • Low noise level: Even at the highest speed, the Breezer makes little noise.
  • Ecological: De Breezer only uses wind and water. So no harmful gases or coolants.

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