Prevent heat stress in cows

Keep up the milk production, even during hot summer days!

People are happier and more productive when they stay in a comfortable, cooled environment. This is exactly the same with animals: cows function better and give more milk if they can walk around in a cooled stable instead of in a non-cooled environment.

By providing the cowshed with comfort cooling, you can definitely deal with heat stress in your cows, so that they will visit the feed trough more frequently. This in turn results in an increase in milk production, up to 12% more on an annual basis. Moreover, cooled cows will also have a lower body temperature and better breathing and the odor nuisance in the stables will improve remarkably.

For this, an adiabatic cooling system is used which works on water and air. The spray water extracts heat from the air drawn in, which drastically cools it. This cooled air is then blown into the room, cooling the temperature of both cows and the environment

The solution against heat stress in cows: the Breezer!

Our Breezer is a very powerful and highly mobile adiabatic cooling system. Thanks to the sturdy wheels, you can place the Breezer wherever you want in your cowshed. Thanks to the enormous air flow of almost 24,000 m³ / h and the oscillating fan, a large range can be cooled. That way you can cool just about every corner in your cowshed.

Thanks to the easy installation, the Breezer is operational in no time. All you have to do is fill the internal 303 liter water tank, plug in the plug and you're done. After this, the system can work autonomously for up to 5 days.

Once the tank is empty, you can either fill it up again. Or you choose to put it away. This is easily done by folding the fan in and compactly inserting it into the empty water tank.

Not only your cows will benefit, but you too. With our Breezer, your cows as well as the stable will be cooled, resulting in an increased appetite and consequently greater milk production. This means that you can sell more milk and then generate more revenue.

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