Did you also suffer from the heat?

If you thought we had a hot summer in 2018, what do you think about 2019? We are only halfway through the summer holidays, but almost all heat records have already been crushed. On Thursday, July 25, 2019, the mercury in Begijnendijk rose to no less than 41.8 ° C: the highest temperature ever since the measurements were started in Belgium. It was blown puffing and sweating! It was over! It was no longer fun!

Mobile comfort cooling: where and when you want it

Many also called on Delta-Temp to provide themselves with temporary extra cooling and to protect themselves against the scorching heat. Just like last year, the mobile split air conditioning 6.7kW was our showpiece. Because this device is so quick and easy to install (see video), most customers decided to do this themselves. For example, the temperature in numerous offices, retail spaces, catering establishments, server rooms, etc. was kept under control.

Our newcomer this year, the adiabatic cooler Breezer, also performed excellently. This evaporative cooler has an air flow of nearly 24,000 m³ / h and is usually hired for comfort cooling in places where a traditional air-conditioning system is too expensive or too cumbersome. Think of events, production halls with a lot of radiant heat, work studios and even cattle sheds to prevent heat stress in cows!

Extensive chiller fleet: both for comfort cooling and for industrial applications

But Delta-Temp is not only specialized in small or mobile air conditioning. Our chillers, air handling units, low-temp units and rooftops were also very popular. Whether they were used for comfort cooling or industrial process cooling: our customers were always resistant to heat waves, regardless of the sector in which they operate.

  • For example, we provided a wholesaler of fruit and vegetables with sufficient cooling throughout the summer so that its stock was preserved in the best conditions.
  • At the Ghent Festivities, visitors to a pop-up bar were able to keep a cool head thanks to our temporary air-conditioning installation.
  • We also realized a lot of great projects within the pharmaceutical and chemical sectors.
  • With our AHU20, various server rooms were provided with sufficient cooling because the fixed cooling installation had too little power to cope with the high temperatures.
  • At an industrial bakery, the fixed cooling installation failed. But thanks to our temporary cooling solution, production was able to keep running at full speed.


Delta-Temp is the reference in the field of temporary cooling. No matter how varied the applications are, we always have the right solution for your request.

Are you looking for temporary cooling to increase the comfort in your company? Or do you temporarily need extra cooling for your business processes?

Contact us, our project leaders and technicians are happy to help you further.