The ice rink builders are back!

The best time of year is coming: the Christmas period! That means a lot of lights, a cozy atmosphere, hot drinks and above all a lot of ice skating pleasure. Admit it: what could be more fun than ice skating between the cozy atmosphere and colorful Christmas lights?

As usual during the winter season, Delta-Temp designs and installs temporary ice rinks. An ice rink is often one of the most visited attractions at a Christmas market. This highlight for young and old spontaneously makes appear a smile on the face of many visitors!

Total package by our specialists

In the summer, Delta-Temp specializes in renting and selling mobilie cooling systems. During the winter, Delta-Temp exchanges its name for Delta-On-Ice. This is the season that we focus on designing and installing temporary ice rinks for Christmas markets, amusement parks and other events.

Our specialists with years of experience know exactly how to build an ice rink and which materials and machines are needed.

We deliver the total package consisting of on one hand, building the ice rink and on the other, all supplies. Skates in cupboards, skate aids and the maintenance material being ice scrapers, ice sweepers and melting containers are provided with our own transport.

In order that the spectators and other visitors can optimally enjoy the warm Christmas atmosphere, we can provide a room with a comfortable temperature. You can contact us for renting a mobile heating unit that you can place anywhere.

Where can you admire our craftsmanship?

The ice rinks in Antwerp and Hasselt are among our biggest ones. This year we will also place ice rinks in the following cities: De Panne, Puurs, Genk, Beveren, Maaseik, Ninove, Beringen en Oudenaarde. Even across the border in the Netherlands we have some ice rinks including in Reusel, ’s Hertogenbosch en Son & Breugel.

Above you can see some atmospheric images of our already built ice rinks in Plopsaland De Panne and Hasselt.

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