Rent emergency cooling in times of crisis

We are currently going through a very difficult period. Our society is shaken thoroughly and everyone has to make a lot of sacrifice to master the corona virus.

Many sectors are severely affected during this crisis period. Some companies shut down, others are pushed to the limit to meet demand. Department stores do their best to replenish store shelves in time, and also the chemical and pharma industries are also facing enormous challenges.

These challenges require exceptional and flexible solutions. But know that even in these times you can rely on Delta-Temp for hiring temporary emergency cooling. Do you wish to expand your storage space and do you need additional cooling? Is production running at full speed and are you looking for extra cooling power?

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Our devices are specially adapted for the rental market so that they can be connected quickly and are operational:

  1. All our chillers are equipped with a powerful internal pump, so you no longer have to provide it extra.
  2. In addition, our appliances were also equipped with an electrical connection and couplings for the water supply. As a result, our chillers are installed in an instant and ready for use.
  3. Finally, our chillers are protected by a sturdy transport frame with lifting eyes and fork sleeves.

Finally, we provide all necessary accessories to fully install your temporary cooling installation "à la carte". For example, we have an extensive stock of air and water hoses, heat exchangers, extra pumps, air handling units, etc.

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We, employees of Delta-Temp, express our deepest respect for everyone who is committed to fighting this crisis during these difficult times. Healthcare providers and nurses, shop assistants, logistics staff, teachers and childcare, scientists and lab technicians and all other volunteers: Thank you for your efforts!