Adiabatic cooling vs Corona: 1-0

Now that the corona measures are being relaxed week by week and the companies are starting up again, it is important to continue to follow the safety regulations. In recent days we have increasingly heard the importance of good ventilation.

Marc Van Ranst, who is now widely known, emphasizes the following: “It is important to ventilate well. The main places where contamination takes place are places where we are inside in an enclosed space and where there is poor air circulation.”

On the website of Eurovent, the European association of HVAC and process cooling, we read the following: “There is no doubt that the concentration of the smaller airborne droplets that viruses can contain should be kept as low as possible. This can be effectively achieved through properly functioning mechanical ventilation systems.”

Cooling and ventilation

Our adiabatic coolers such as the Breezer and the VC14 and VC16 from Portacool are ideal for cooling larger spaces during the hot summer days. These mobile coolers are the ideal solution, especially in areas where a traditional air-conditioning installation is too expensive or cumbersome. Think of storage areas, workshops, gyms, garages, tire centers and even discos! This natural form of cooling with water and air can be used both indoors and outdoors.

adiabatic cooling

Blow out the Corona virus!

But in times of corona, these evaporative coolers prove to have another important advantage: ventilation. The powerful fan ensures a strong air flow that supplies the room with fresh air. We have listed the air flows per appliance:

Breezer: 23,786 m³/h
VC16: 16,500 m³/h
VC14: 14,400 m³/h

To maximize both cooling and air quality, it is ideal if sufficient outside air is drawn in and a window or door is open. This creates a kind of overpressure in the room, which pushes out the existing warm air and replaces it with fresh healthy air. This doesn't only cools the interior, but also continuously ventilates it, which optimizes the air quality.

Ventilation with adiabatic cooling

If you want to cool and ventilate your workshop or storage space this summer, please contact us quickly.