The first newcomer arrived: the DT60 EVO!

More and more companies rely on Delta-Temp every year to provide them with cooling. Whether comfort cooling or industrial cooling, Delta-Temp can delight them with a solution tailored to their needs. In order to meet the increasing demand, we have invested in recent years to further expand our rental fleet. Especially our mobile split air conditioners AC 6.7kW and the adiabatic cooler Breezer provided some cooling here and there during the hot summers.

We will go a step further in 2020.

To continue to serve our customers, we decided to expand our chiller fleet this year. This keeps our rental fleet up-to-date with the most energy-efficient and environmentally friendly chillers of the moment. Because these chillers are equipped with the most advanced technology, we decided to name this series “EVO”.

Our DT60 EVO Chiller in detail

The first chiller within the “EVO” line that we can introduce to you is the DT60 EVO. This air-cooled ice water machine has a cooling capacity of 63kW at an ambient temperature of 25 ° C. The cooling gas is R32: this not only provides better performance, but with a GWP of 675 it is also much more environmentally friendly than its predecessors.

The chiller is equipped with 2” Bauer quick connectors for the water connection and a 63A plug for the power supply. The protective frame has fork sleeves (at 800mm) so that the device can be easily placed where it is needed.

Chiller rental DT60 EVO

Inside the unit we find a frequency-controlled pump that adapts to the flow rate and a water tank of 115L.

The DT60 EVO is equipped with an automatic leak detection system: As soon as a breath of cooling gas escapes, we receive a notification and we can intervene quickly. In addition, there is also the possibility to monitor the device remotely. This means that we can not only adjust the settings remotely, but also act quickly when problems arise.

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