What does rental cooling have to offer?

Is your current cooling system undergoing maintenance (soon), is a repair required or do you need additional cooling capacity? With the summer ahead, you are better equipped to withstand the heat with a decent Delta-Temp cooling system. You may be wondering why to rent cooling? We are happy to give you a word of explanation and sum up the benefits of rental cooling at Delta-Temp.

  1. Flexibility: short and flexible contract terms from one week. You decide how long you want to continue renting the installation.
  2. Transparent prices: With our transparent prices you always have a perfect overview of the entire cost, without hidden costs.
  3. Delivery and installation: fast delivery by well-organized transport companies and a professional installation by our certified technicians.
  4. No capital obligation: more financial space for your core activities. Rental costs are immediately and fully deductible as operating costs.
  5. Tested quality: our rental systems are frequently tested, maintained and repaired.
  6. 24/7 technical support: fast response times, direct contact and trained specialists - we are available around the clock.
  7. Extensive rental fleet: with our extensive range of capacities ranging from 6 to 1,500 kW, we can always propose the right and most suitable cooling solutions and adapted to your needs.
  8. Modular expandable: modular and expandable installations that can grow with increasing performance requirements.
  9. Try & Buy: at Delta-Temp you can rent an installation before proceeding to purchase it. This gives you assurance of quality and saves you great costs.

Are you interested in our cooling solutions and our services? Do not hesitate to contact us by phone on +32 9 362 74 87 or by mail. Our specialists are happy to work with you to find the most suitable cooling solution for your application.