Delta-Temp invests in modern EVO chillers

In recent years, Delta-Temp has become an important player in the refrigeration world. More and more companies from the most diverse sectors rely on our expertise and experience in industrial cooling. Both for air conditioning or comfort cooling and for process cooling in industrial processes, we always have a solution tailored to the customer.

In order to keep up with our growth, we continue to expand our rental fleet every year. In this way we can follow the increasing demand and always offer our customers a flexible customized service. Last year we still invested heavily in mobile air conditioners and evaporative coolers.

Delta-Temp presents: The EVO-Chiller!

In 2020 we will shift into gear and launch our own EVO chillers. Our product managers and refrigeration technicians have completed many projects in the most diverse industries and sectors and for the most diverse applications. We know which challenges we often face, where the difficulties lie and what opportunities there are. Based on this professional knowledge and experience, our product specialists and refrigeration engineers designed the "ideal chiller".

When designing this chiller, the emphasis was mainly on energy efficiency, environmental friendliness and versatility. The chiller must be quickly and easily installed and used for heavy industrial applications. This is how we come to an overview of the most striking highlights of the EVO chiller:

  • Bitzer scroll compressors: specially designed for chillers, with an extremely low noise emission.
  • Frequency controlled pump: the pump capacity automatically adapts to the requested flow rate.
  • R32 refrigerant gas: one of the most environmentally friendly refrigerant gases with a GWP value of 675. In addition, R32 has a higher energy efficiency than its predecessors.
  • Energy efficient EC fans: not only the energy efficiency is higher, but thanks to the aerodynamic impellers, they work very quietly.
  • Remote Monitoring: with the Siemens Climatix controller you can manage the chiller remotely 24/7.
  • Automatic leak detection system: Our EVO chillers are equipped with an automatic leak detection system. As soon as a breath of cooling gas escapes, a notification is immediately sent.
  • Integrated heat exchanger that makes it possible to exchange heat between media in separate circuits (available from the DT100 EVO).

The EVO chiller in operation

The EVO chillers are among the most modern and advanced chillers available within refrigeration rental. Thanks to their versatility, they have been used for several projects in the past month and the reactions are unanimously favorable!

Both our own refrigeration technicians and customers are amazed at how quickly and reliably these appliances can be used. Remote monitoring allows us to monitor the chiller's performance remotely.

Are you interested in hiring this device for a project? We have these chillers in a power range from 60kW to 500kW. Click on the relevant chiller below to visit the detail page. For more information, do not hesitate to contact us on 0800 25 25 6 or via

EVO Chiller 60kW huren

DT60 EVO Chiller

EVO Chiller koelmachine 100kW huren

DT100 EVO Chiller

EVO Chiller koelmachine 200kW huren

DT200 EVO Chiller

EVO Chiller koelmachine 300kW huren

DT300 EVO Chiller

EVO Chiller koelmachine 400kW huren

DT400 EVO Chiller

EVO Chiller koelmachine 500kW huren

DT500 EVO Chiller


Your tailor-made chiller

At Delta-Temp it is not only possible to rent these modern chillers, but also to purchase them. With the launch of the EVO chillers, we put our knowledge and know-how and service to the customer.

Do you want to renew your cooling system and install a new chiller? Delta-Temp guides your purchase from A to Z. We study exactly what you need, what the circumstances are and what the chiller must meet. If necessary, we temporarily use one of our rental chillers to measure exactly the required cooling capacity via remote monitoring.

You can have your chiller completely "à la carte" put together by us with the parts you want. You can use our EVO chiller as a starting point for this, but you can also devise the design from scratch according to your specific wishes. You decide which compressors, pumps, controllers, connections, etc. are to be installed. This way you have a chiller completely to your liking and tailored to your needs.

More info? Contact us on 0800 25 25 6 or via