End of year in sight, expand your storage space

The end of year celebrations are coming!

Now that summer is definitely behind us, we are in the last straight line towards the end of year celebrations. More than ever, we will prefer the cozy atmosphere at home to dining in a restaurant. Whether you choose to cook for yourself or the comfort of a ready-made dish, one thing is certain: the food and distribution sector will be running at full speed.

Whether meat, poultry, fish, vegetables or fruit: reliable temperature control is an absolute must for foods. But with the increasingly warmer winters, this is no mean feat. In December last year, the mercury quickly rose above 10 ° C, with maximums of no less than 16 ° C!

Respect the cold chain wherever you want it.

To keep the temperature under control and to respect the cold chain, you can call on the specialist for temporary cooling: Delta-Temp. With their large rental fleet, they certainly have an efficient solution to keep the temperature under control, where you want it.

The low-temp units are particularly suitable for the food industry. These mobile coolers consist of an indoor and outdoor unit and can keep the temperature in a room constant between -10 ° C and + 5 ° C. This way you can convert any space into a refrigerated storage space and prepare your stock for the increasing demand.Low Temp Chiller: extremely suitable for the food industry

In addition, Delta-Temp also has an extensive chiller fleet with cooling capacities from 25 kW to no less than 1500 kW. In combination with our air handling units, these cooling machines can be used for air-conditioning as well as for process cooling in the food processing industry.

A larger refrigerated storage space where you want it.

Would you like more storage space during the end-of-year period so that you can meet the high demand and not leave your customers in the cold? Please do not hesitate to contact us. Our product managers will discuss the best solution with you.

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