Keep summer 2020 comfortable

Reserve your cooling in time for the coming summer

You probably remember the summer of 2019 as one of the hottest summers we have ever experienced. We braved 3 heat waves and almost all heat records were broken, with a maximum temperature of 41.8 ° C on July 25, 2019. Ozone concentrations also rocketed and the national ozone and heat plan was announced. Humans and animals tried in every possible way to cool down to escape the scorching heat.

To be cool or not to be cool

Our loyal customers know that they can call on Delta-Temp every year to hire extra cooling capacity. They reserve their extra cooling for the coming summer months in advance, both for comfort cooling (air conditioning) and for industrial process cooling. That way, everything can be accurately prepared and planned and everyone is ready for when the first heat wave hits.

Fortunately, we had also expanded our rental fleet last year because when the temperatures skyrocketed, our phone was ringing off the hook! Companies from the most diverse sectors contacted us if we could provide them with "whatever cooling solution" we had still available.

Our mobile air conditioners were used en masse to cool offices, retail spaces, catering establishments and public institutions. The adiabatic coolers served to cool production halls, workshops and events. Our chillers were also eagerly hired to provide companies with sufficient cooling capacity during the warm summer.

Here are some examples of how and where our custom cooling solutions were deployed for a wide variety of objectives:

Do you also want more comfort this summer?

Do you want an oasis of comfort this summer in the office, in your retail space, catering business or waiting room? Do you want a pleasant climate for your employees in a workshop or production area? Our online catalog gives you a better overview of our products and services.

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